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A good resume is the key to success in finding work. If you feel that your resume requires a professional approach, it is best to go to JL Career Solutions.

JL Career Solutions are committed to providing a complete C.V. and career progression service in one place at a realistic price. The experts at this top resume writing service aim to provide the highest quality help, advice and customer service to all regardless of their place on the career ladder. The founder, Jackey Leaper, built JLCS based on supplying high quality C.V.s at low prices.

JL Career Solutions provide the highest quality, interview getting, C.V.s at the lowest prices.

JL Career Solutions write around 200 C.V.s per month for people from all walks of life from school leavers to senior executives.

This top resume writing service provides two basic types of resumes:

  • Standard CVs;
  • Executive CVs.

Package “Standard CVs” of this resume writing service is most suitable for students, job seekers with little work experience. Package “Executive CVs” is suitable for people with up with five to 20 years’ experience.

The experts at JL Career Solutions write C.V.s for people all over the world, not just the UK and they can tailor your C.V. to the country you will be working in.

The professional Resume Writers C.V. Consultants will chose a C.V. format that they feel best suits you and your profession but if it is not to your liking our C.V. Consultant will select another one for you until you are happy.

Also, JL Career Solutions provides Interview Advice, Coaching and Support.

This best resume writing service can also offer further Interview Coaching including:

  1. Mock telephone interview;
  2. Help preparing your questions;
  3. Last minute recap and check list.

The experts at JL Career Solutions help you boost your confidence.

JL Career Solutions offers The Job Hunters Survival Pack, containing advice and information relating to all aspects of your job hunting activity.

The Job Hunters Survival Pack including:

  • Job Hunting – Where To Start;
  • Application Tracker;
  • Job Hunting Do’s & Dont’s;
  • Interviews;
  • Types of Interviews;
  • Great Answers to Tough Questions;
  • Questions You Might Be Asked.

JL Career Solutions is the most highly qualified resume writing service, that you can find online.